Enterprise Content Management Apps without the risk, time or cost  
Smartdesk enables you or your Services Partner to design, configure and customize finished ECM applications in a fraction of the time and without the usual risk or cost. Fully-functional working prototypes can be created in hours so users/IT staff can see exactly how the finished application will act, look and feel. “Imagine if you will” is no longer a part of the design process and long development cycles are eliminated.

Any ECM business Application
From Accounts Payable to New Account Opening, Claims Processing, Loan Origination and Case Management, our customers have deployed Smartdesk across small departments to large enterprises.More.
Easily Deployed and Managed Innovative, Award-winning Company
Smartdesk is completely browser-based and since it’s built in 100% .NET from the ground-up, no special skills are required to maintain or customize the application.

Leverages native SharePoint features without compromise

There’s nothing wonky under the covers. Smartdesk natively stores documents and
e-forms within SharePoint while leveraging standard SharePoint reporting tools.
  BlueThread’s founders each have 20+ years of ECM real-world experience; having deployed dozens of ECM solutions within some of the some largest companies in the world. It's the same leadership team that earned Microsoft's SharePoint 2010 Innovative Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Award. More.
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